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Can AI take over Modern Art?

Back at it everyone, so this week the topic of interest is A.I. The other day, I was researching on my laptop just scrolling through some automobile videos, I came across a painting made by a machine that sold for millions of dollars, for a second I thought how is this possible but after some research I got to know the algorithm used in the machine was a mix of a training data which was made by, observing world's famous painters and their skills. The life-size “ultra-realisticandroid, named Ai-Da and created in 2019, is the first of its kind in the world, according to the London museum. The robot creates large-scale self-portraits and uses A.I. algorithms to produce works that comment on the current and future uses of artificial intelligence, it added. The question is can robots be creative? Yes, they can. Creativity involves combining ideas the novel ways. In nature, we see amazing creativity arising from evolution, where genes from different parents are uniquely blended. So when we use genetic algorithms, which mimic evolution, computers cross over ideas in novel ways to produce highly creative solutions. Today, computers can compose music, produce art, and design unconventional and efficient solutions to problems. So as we go, we don't know which painting is going to be better, but yes paintings made by humans are quite spontaneous and come from inspiration from a lot of things whereas the algorithm is based on the data stored in it to take certain hints.

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Aug 30, 2021

In coming time most of the things are replaced with AI robots.


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