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Beyond the Race of Life

We should celebrate our differences by simply loving and accepting ourselves for who we are. Our uniqueness creates a personal identity that no one can take away from us. We should completely accept our uniqueness without condemning ourselves just because we are called "different" from society's norm. We must realize that no one can love us more than ourselves. Every day we don't have to compare ourselves with others. We do that with the one who is superior to us in a particular field. But in the end, it doesn't matter who is superior. In schools, colleges we study hard to be better than someone. Schools and colleges were made to learn, teach and explore something, not to compete with someone. We must realize now that school and college are not races we have to participate in and perform better but is a place to learn and get better in your life. In all this race, we somewhere forgot how to be better in our life, how to be good with someone, and we left compassion and humanity. But now, no more race for being the best! Let's break this "THE ONE WHO IS GOOD AT STUDIES IS GOOD AT LIFE" and let's live our lives more beautifully. Let's show our humanity and be more compassionate. Peace!

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