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Betrayers as Dark Chocolate!

As per the random survey, the percentage of cheaters is more than loyal ones in a relationship. Then why most memes and poems are assigned to the victims/ loyal ones? Because the loyal ones are manifestly visible. Their emotions are a little manageable to convert into words. It's complicated to justify the feelings of the narcissist or a traitor in words. I believe there are two types of betrayers; pessimists and a person with a dark history. Pessimists are more likely to see things negatively. Yes, they are often loyal but most of them cheat on their partner and choose to stay until they find a negative aspect in their partner. While people with a dark past are more like a dark chocolate cake that hasn't been decorated and tastes slightly bitter than a decorated one. While Most of us are not enthusiasts of dark chocolates. So the people with dark pasts are always in a delusion that no one would ever want to try a dark chocolate cake because of its bitterness. They have a core scar somewhere that hasn’t been cured. They've become used to a specific behavior pattern and they grieve the guilt of tapping into a strengthening belief that there is something that needs to deal with from their past. However, if you are the second type, all you need to know is that there are people who love dark chocolates. Either you will benefit their health or leave them a lesson.

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