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Be Easy, Don't take the mind too seriously.

If you ever find your mind is giving you any grief, experiment with not taking the content of your mind too seriously. The "content" means the thoughts or associated feelings.

Often we experience inner pain when our minds are focused on the opposite of something that we want, or on the absence of something that we want. These thoughts aren't in alignment with our true selves, and so the negative emotion can act as a guide to say: "these thoughts are not needed, they are not any good for you, there is no need to believe them". And yet, sometimes we can still find ourselves in low moods or in a state of negativity that has built some momentum through our habit of belief.

Try this experiment: do not take your mind too seriously. It might all feel very real, but be aware that it is all just in your head. If you can take your mind a little less seriously, you might find some relief, some relaxation, and even more positive or solution-orientated thoughts coming in. If you do experience better-feeling thoughts, you still don’t have to take the mind too seriously. In the less-seriousness, there is more ease, more allowance, which gives more space for "better" thoughts to come and be enjoyed. Nothing needs to be manipulated or fixed or held into place. Just try the experiment, and see what happens. Let me know if you have some good results.

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