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Art of choice

The choice is associated with freedom, but only after understanding the art of choosing can one avoid manipulation. Let's take an example. Telescopic or Microscopic? A tough choice indeed. First of all, let's understand what these this piece when we say Telescopic or Microscopic we mean bigger problems with a large number of people involved or a small problem of few people respectively. So the real question is which are more important to be dealt with urgently? If you ask some philanthropist they'll say microscopic because that's what's gonna build the world, if we focus more on microscopic complications faced, we steady the base. They'll say it's the most important aspect of the present if we ask them, but a realist? Realists believe in what they see, not what can happen if we play safe and secured. They believe in instant results, bigger impacts. So from a realist's point of belief, telescopic views are more reasonable. But, is whatever we think or what people we are influenced by thinks is always the correct choice to opt for? Choices are subjective, every person has a unique answer to each choice. And when we say subjective, it comes baring drawbacks or some kind of flaws with it. So we can say, no choices are perfect...that's where the art of choosing comes in. When you are provided with two or more choices, choose the one with maximum profit and which does not harm people around you in any way for your selfish reasons. Sometimes choosing this type of option would be difficult, but taking left when everyone's taking right would only make you braver.

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