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Art can be your escape from the chaos!

It took me three long days to write three short-versed poems for my school poetry project. I was 11 and knew creating something entirely new from your head would be the most challenging task. Trust me, it was! But when I was 14, rejected by my crush (yes, definitely funny), I scribbled out of whatever young teen pain my heart knew. It wasn't hard anymore! There was no struggle for words. It's been four years since that incident, yet I still write with the same joy. Poetry was my escape from the highly disciplined and structured life. "So are you saying you are supposed to be hurt to create stuff?" Nope! You can start whenever you feel like starting. Are you hurt? Come on, create something out of it! Let it out as a poem, sketch, music, dance, anything your heart allows you to. Be random, be bold; it's your space, no one is there to judge you, and it's not a competition like your everyday life is. The universe follows the second law of thermodynamics, i.e. it will always favour spontaneity and randomness no matter what. But we live in quite a civilised society, there'll be times when you will be required to do things you don't wish to, and it's alright for a while, but let yourself out too. Let art be your escape from your chaos, let the pain in you bring out colours unseen by the world, and maybe someone will connect with you. Let the thought of struggling in a " secret " chamber be revealed in a paper. Do good to yourself. You are precious!

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Dhwani Prajapati
Dhwani Prajapati
Aug 19, 2022

Love this blog so much!!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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