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Aquathlon [Underwater Wrestling]

You all have seen wrestling; what if I say there is a sport in which we have to do wrestling but underwater! Yes, you heard right AQUATHLON is an underwater sport, where two competitors wearing masks and fins wrestle underwater in an attempt to remove a ribbon from each other's ankle band to win the bout. The "combat" takes place in a 5-meter square ring within a swimming pool and is made up of three 30-second rounds, with a fourth-round played in the event of a tie. The sport originated during the 1980s in the former USSR and was first played at the international level in 1993. The sport is conducted in a swimming pool with a water depth between 2 meters and 6 meters. The competition area consists of a square ring and a 2.5 meters wide free area around the ring, both marked with ropes floating on the surface of the water. Combat aquathlon practice training engagements not only underwater, but also afloat, both with or without diving gear, utilizing dummy weapons or barehanded, combined with grappling and choking techniques to neutralize or submit the opponent. Competitors wear a swimsuit, a diving mask, fins made of rubber or polyurethane, a water polo cap, and two ankle bands to which 2 colored ribbons square are fixed. The governing body is the Aquathlon Commission of the CMAS Sports Committee. So tell me in the comments whether you want to try this sport or not?

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