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American Football

American Football, commonly mistaken for Rugby, is a sport played in North America. It consists of 2 teams playing four quarters. 1 team placed as offense and the other as a defense. The objective for the offense team is to reach the end zone of the defense team with the ball. The most important part of the game is the downs. The offending team gets four tries or 'downs' to try and carry the ball for 10 yards without losing possession. If all four downs are lost then the opponent gains possession and will become the offense team. The highest-ranked and most important position is the one of a quarterback. Method of scoring are touchdowns, field goals, safety and extra points. They receive 6, 3, 2, 1/2 points respectively. The sport is overwhelmed and excessively watched in North America alongside basketball. Its most popular league is the NFL. It is not a sport commonly played amongst children and in the general public because it requires a lot of equipment like a huge goal post. Star Sport is not as common in other continents. In South America, they play a similar game called Rugby, and in the rest of the continents, no such game is commonly played.

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