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All you need is a pasta

Even though everyone in the world thinks pasta is culturally Italian food, it is believed by some that it was brought to Italy by Marco Polo from China in the 13th century. So it may be a descendant of Asian noodles. As for India, there was a time when only locally made pasta came from Kolkata, it was only after liberalization, foreign brands started making affordable wheat pasta. Let me tell you an interesting fact. Most of us eat 'pasta with garlic bread' because when we eat pasta, there's always some sauce leftover, so garlic bread is served to be consumed with that sauce. Pasta is like the most accessible food item and almost every country has its pasta variety. So let's have a look at this quick and simple pasta recipe.

Take boiled penne pasta. Put oil in a pan and all your favorite vegetables you want, cook for 1-2 mins and then put pizza topping mayonnaise in it. Now add some chili flakes, oregano, mixed herbs, and tomato ketchup. Add milk for little thin gravy, put salt and a bit red chili powder and lots of cheese mix it well, and at the last add pasta and let it cook for a while and serve it hot.

Hope you enjoy it. For more recipes and food-related blogs check shash_kitchen_

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