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Acknowledging Feelings

Feelings are an expression of our state of mind and heart. Have you ever come across a person who finds it difficult to express their feelings? Or simply even pinpoint what they feel about something or someone. When asked, "How do you feel?" Can you answer in simply just one word or sentence? Honestly, the question itself scares me to my wits. There is no right or wrong answer neither one can lie or say the truth cause even for that we need to acknowledge what we feel as in reality. Give yourself some time and let your mind wander around. Let it discover the hidden and accept the evidence. Let it raise a million questions. Set yourself free from bounds, don't be stranded. Lift off the heaviness and strive right into the pool of emotions. Take your time and don't rush. The blood rush, the accelerated pulsing, the loud thumping all would be sealed by a wave of calmness once you acknowledge your feelings. The restlessness will be replaced by content and tranquility. I agree, acknowledging your feelings about something could be hard but trying won't hurt. Coming on terms with your feeling is ethereal. You might feel lost and empty, but it will soon fade away for new ones will find their way. No matter how scary you are of a question but have the confidence to look for it. Have the courage to accept your feelings and express them because people are like the time they won't stay still forever.

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