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Achieving Goals

Can you let go of the other things you love for a particular period of time for that ONE MAIN GOAL? We can if we’re determined but we all know it is very difficult to not indulge in something we find attractive, isn’t it? We do not always need to let go of other things for a particular thing if we know how to create and maintain a balance between everything. Although this is conditional as people tend to have different natures and mindsets. For example, there are people who can multitask and there are people who prefer attending to only one thing at a time. For multitaskers, the art of balancing is always the best alternate. Giving a personal example, if I am asked to do only one activity for a long period of time, it might affect me in a bad way because I am not used to it and this can only bore or stress me out. On the other hand, a person who’s used to doing one thing at a time might get anxious if asked to perform multiple activities at a time. No particular approach can be stated as universally best as the only thing we need to cater to is finding a way that helps us in achieving what we want without having any regrets.

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