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A Unique Sport

Let’s talk about a very less known sport today – Chess Boxing, a hybrid sport where contestants play alternate rounds of chess and boxing. It was hard for me to believe that such sport exists, who could’ve thought of such a combination! The basic idea of chess boxing is to combine two disciplines – one demanding mental strength and the other, physical. The match consists of 11 rounds in all (6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing) with 1-minute intervals between rounds. The sport has gained popularity in recent times, witnessing a large crowd at its World Championships. Based in Germany, World Chess Boxing Organization is the governing body that organizes Chess Boxing World Championships. There are many principles of chess that hold true in boxing and hence, many boxers and martial artists play chess. It is said that chess boxers require a rare breed of humans, and I cannot agree more as they are going to be the pioneers of the game. I came across this question that has kept me thinking, “What makes a better chess boxer, a boxer who can think strategically, or a chess player who can throw a punch?” Let me know your views on this in the comment section!

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