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A step towards positivity

In our fast-paced life, we are surrounded by some normal conversations like how can one beat the scores? How does he achieve his targets? Why do I manage to always score lower sales? Do even some think about how he/she got a good partner? This is all about demotivating your inner soul. And how it comes? It comes solely by ‘Comparison’. An unhealthy comparison! Dear buddy, you’ve got the same body as others have and also a similar mind! We all are brought up in different backgrounds and different situations, yet it is up to you to how far would one you want to go! The world has become a global family and we are all a part of this family but, have to create our own space. It is true that success has no shortcuts and we have to keep working, but with a desired goal. We always have to be conscious and on a condition that we have to stop thinking about such comparisons and be happy with whatever we have. Comparison in itself is a negative word that can affect the mind and at last, it becomes unhappy. Don’t compare yourself with anybody, you are special and unique. So, keep yourself happy with some positive and happy thoughts. When you start thinking positively, it will make you feel happy and can work your way around. And once your mind starts functioning in this matter, then there is no possibility of losing, whether it is a rank, grade, or sales target!

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