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A Real Friend

For most of my past, I allowed people to treat me the way they wanted. I never objected to them when they spit venom with their sugar-coated tongue. Now after a few years, I realized that the problem was never theirs, I was the root cause. I never respected and valued myself enough which eventually led to being unaware of self-worth. That’s the thing you see, till you don’t make yourself feel respected no one else ever would. We allow our friends to say things we don’t like to hear just because we think that THEY ARE A FRIEND OF MINE SO IT DOESN’T MATTER. No dear, that’s all just to give yourself that assurance. You know that if you will ask them, to simply stop saying things that hurt you, that might affect your bond with that person. And this tells a lot about the other person. If they were actually YOUR FRIEND they might never say things affecting you. So take a stand for yourself, speak and make your wants and wants crystal clear. The true ones would never trigger your insecurities and mock you and the fake ones on the other hand will surely be offended when you STOP THEM. No one is worth your mental peace, even if it means cutting off people you considered as your inner circle.

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10 de ago. de 2021

Dam true!!!!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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