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A Part of You

When we talk about nature, we mainly talk about mountains, rivers, and the sky. But there is so much more to this. Nature is an entirely separate and enormous entity having its branches spread widely across the hub. So far, we have talked about the sky, galaxies, rain, sunsets, seasons, flowers, and other various topics. But one thing we haven't included in nature is we. Aren't we all part of nature? Isn't it so beautiful and honorable to be part of a simple yet harmonious entity? It is ironic how we are part of this and yet we are not aware of it. We have viewed nature as a segregate being. But can I say the same for nature?? Absolute not. Nature has always treated us as part of it. It is nourishing us, nurturing us, and most importantly helping us grow. Healing over wounds, metabolism, and souls. We will never be apart from nature. So keep in mind when we are hurting them we are hurting ourselves too. When we love them, we love ourselves too. So be responsible, clean your surroundings, and try what you can to heal. Because my dearest, once you heal them, you will be getting better too.

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