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A letter to self

Dear self,

You always show your love to everyone around you but yourselves. Why? You went through every rough time alone to protect the people you love from your dark days. You have friends who say they are by your side but they never felt what you felt during that time. You didn't give up, you got through it all by yourself. You were always stronger than the problems you faced. You try to make other people feel loved, you try not to hurt them. When you do so much for the other person, why do you always forget to love yourself? You do have friends and family and everyone with who you are comfortable and loving them is never wrong. So talk, cry and have a breakdown but have a known by your side for an ounce of love. To heal you need love, not just from others but sprinkles of your own love too. So, cheers to all those sleepless nights when you cried yourself to sleep, to all those days when silence was your voice, to those times when smiling was easier than elucidate, last but not least when you were your motivational speaker. Promise me to love yourself a little more every day, a little harder after every breakdown, and promise me to be easy on yourself. Bad things may happen, things may go wrong but everything will be okay in the end.

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