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A Beautiful Journey of an Online Friend to Real Life Friend

It was just an ordinary day of lockdown when I was scrolling my Instagram feed. I got a friend's suggestion for a girl. She was pretty, obsessed with novels, and used to write quotes and all too. I followed her and started a conversation. Basically, at first, we just had some casual talks, about once a week. But one day, when I posted a digital illustration that I made, she texted me asking if I can do that for her too. I prepared one for her, and she loved it a lot. After that day, we started having daily conversations and observed many similarities. We started building trust with each other; we shared stuff that we usually don't share with anyone. We decided to meet each other finally after a long time. I prepared a portrait sketch of her and a canvas illustration for her, accompanied by her favorite chocolates. She was so happy because she didn't expect that. Her smile was worth everything. That day was actually one of the best days because I met the person whom I used to dream of meeting, and now as every day passes, our bond is becoming stronger and stronger. We corrected each other's mistakes and we started caring for each other more. It just changed from nothing to everything. Everything happened so quickly that we didn't even realize when we changed. Some people are different from others. UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE IS THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL BOND.

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