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Moon, if I ask you to tell me one thing you know about the moon most of us would end up replying that it is the natural satellite of earth and some of you might even say that it is an accessory of the sky. Moon shares a special bond with Sun and Earth. Whenever we see the morning sky we always say the moon has left the sky. Well, that's not true, the moon is visible in the daylight every day. It's just that we can't see it. In the night sky moon becomes visible to our eyes because of its revolution around earth and reflection of sunlight. Moon depicts ourselves and its hardship. Through difficult times we may shine a little less or our shine might be constricted by others, but what matters is that we must be there and face it and when life gives us opportunities we must act on it and shine as bright as we can. Moon also goes through different phases which signifies how important changes can be. Moonlight scatters in the river and it acts like a mirror that shows us our reality. We have two choices: accept our flaws and grow or cry over them and regret them. I prefer the first one. What about you? Comment down below.

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