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It is the beginning of September and I wish to move to a cottage in a nearby countryside to observe the lush greens transform into warm hues, where I can just sit in a cosy chair wrapped in my blanket near a fireplace, drink my tea, and read my favourite book and overlook the setting sky. Perfect setting, isn't it? The environment starts to lower the temperature and birds start to migrate while ants start collecting and storing their food for winter. This migratory season signifies the importance of letting go. The trees let go of the rotten and dry leaves and wait for new green leaves to return in spring. Melancholy might sound, but it leaves a lasting impression on the surroundings teaching us its importance. This is the season where most of the universities and colleges start and hence gives me a message to just hang onto the memories of my loved ones leaving abroad to study and wait for a whole year till I see their rejuvenated faces again. There are many peculiar festivals too that come under this season like the Navratri, thanksgiving, Halloween etc. Students are done with midterms. You would have seen some new birds around in your vicinity and observed some mind-boggling sunsets that you just wish to capture the moment. This is a perfect time to light a candle, smell the aura that surrounds the dry crisp air, sit with yourself, just relax and spend time with your loved ones. Make memories and bond with them.

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Shreetu Nandi
Shreetu Nandi
Sep 12, 2022

A great refreshing blog!

Dhwani Prajapati
Dhwani Prajapati
Sep 18, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! Glad you liked it!


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