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Will AI art eventually replace artists?

"Since last month, reels on Instagram have shown me a lot of AI art, and I've been wondering why there's so much of it latel? The answer was the launch of Mid journey. The mid journey is a research lab that uses a machine-learning system to generate pictures from the text. You can produce images from the text—just give the program a written description, and it will generate an image. After looking at so much digital art a thought occurred to me, “Will AI art eventually replace artists?” A disturbing possibility for the future. I looked into it further and came across several articles that explained it well. According to Anne Ploin, an Oxford researcher, “AI art generators will not be able to replace artists. Instead, these programs will enhance their job by allowing them to create high-quality pieces in a short amount of time. The human element in creative processes will not disappear, while some aspects of creative processes may be replaced by artificial intelligence. Imagining what to make and deciding what message to express to society are major parts of artistic creativity. An AI computer cannot make these decisions without the assistance of a person.” In conclusion, Ai cannot replace artists since they cannot create new styles or movements. While AI may generate variations of existing images, it cannot provide artistic context or meaning to the images. Also, Artists try to touch human emotions rather than answering technical questions."

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