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What is Dharma?

Dharma-when we hear this word, different types of Dharma (religion) come to our minds. We have heard the word "Dharma" multiple times, but do we know the actual meaning of dharma and what it is to follow the dharma? Today, I will try to share a little bit about it. Dharma- a very important concept in Hinduism and Buddhism referred to a law or principle which governs the universe. It simply means a set of rules and principles, which help human beings to live a life of righteousness. It can also be understood as a law of Satya (truth), giving order to the customs, behaviors, and ethics which make life possible. Let us now go back to the scriptures, the word dharma comes from the Sanskrit root word 'dhri', which means "to maintain" or "to preserve." Dharma is a duty and it upholds society. It is a set of rules that prevent society, family, and nature from descending into chaos. We can also call it a way of life. Dharma teaches us how humans should live their life following the path of honesty and justice. It includes the concepts of duty, rights, religion, and morally appropriate behavior. When a person follows the path of dharma, they can create such an environment where all the living beings can live peacefully. All beings must accept their dharma for order and harmony with nature. Let us try to follow the true path of dharma and not relate this word with our religions. May the path of dharma liberate all of us!

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