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Victorious journey of 100k+ Blog Views

The Youth Change organization was created to raise awareness among the youth but has now become a source of a daily dose of motivation and information for people of all age groups. The organization also focuses on issues of people with no sight or colorblind or without the ability to hear. We want everyone to be aware and informed, so we have video blogs especially for blind people.

The team of the youth change organization delivers the message in short and inspiring ways as they create blogs of just one minute.

The founder of the youth change organization, Bhavya Pandya is a spiritual person and was meditating when the idea of a platform like this struck his mind. Bhavya wanted to share his ideas with everyone, he wanted to illuminate everyone with his knowledge of spirituality along with many things. So he started creating the website and assembling a team on 1st February 2021. He built a team of 9 members, all teenagers with no prior experience of blogging or working in an organization but all opinionated and eager to share their experience; and launched the website on 1st March 2021. And today Youth Change posts blogs about various categories like Spirituality, Food, Sports, One simple change, Love the life, Social change, Nature, and Art. Bhavya's real proud of the team he assembled and thinks if this team sticks with him for another five years, the Youth Change organization will become eminent. Let us have an inside look at the team our founder created. First, off we have Aastha Bhatt, writer, and manager of the 'Love the life' column. She believes people take their life very irreverently and wants to make them see the importance of life and relationships with people around us. Aastha is a person who also believes in versatility and urges everyone around her to try everything. She started off writing with this mentality only, to try something new but now is an excellent writer and strong pillar of this organization and anticipates that this organization is going "to rock everywhere and inspire people." Our social media manager, Shreetu Nandi, who is also an international chess player and an art enthusiast agrees with Aastha and has faith that the Youth change organization will be in the "Top 5 most impactful organizations" of the world. Shreetu manages the 'Sports' column and writes about various things because she loves the idea of helping people with our own experiences. Managing social media is a new thing for her and is very grateful to the youth change organization for this opportunity and has become a perfectionist at it. Shreetu is very proud of the team for their originality and so is, Shreya Jha, writer/manager of the column 'One simple change.' Shreya believes that the youth change organization is unique for its raw writings, and she herself shares her ideas of how one simple change in your life can reform your life. She firmly believes "the people who evolve with time, survives". Moving on to Dhwani Brahmbhatt, writer/manager of the 'Social change' column also thinks that people learn from experiences of their own along with people around them. Dhwani truly believes in the organization as it is an excellent platform for upcoming bloggers. She thinks writing exposes your ideas to many new perspectives. The Youth Change organization's food blogger, Mouni Joshi, feels calming seeing people learn about various new recipes and facts about food from her blogs. She always loved writing and this organization gave her a platform and she gave a fair shake to the organization. Sports blogger, Chaitanya Shah, initially thought the idea of this organization was "pretty vague" and was writing for fun. But now he has given readers many excellent blogs about how sports are crucially important in everyone's life. Speaking of excellence, our writer/manager of the 'Art' column, Rutu Suva, is an exceptional classical dancer and shares her experience about it through her blogs. She says, "writing helps me develop my thoughts and personality". Rutu also thinks seeking inspiration for blogs is an escapade, so does our writer/manager of the 'Nature' column, Shruti Vadgama. For her it's been a great journey, seeking inspiration and writing about the beauty of nature. This opportunity has helped her in seeing things from a different light and she is very appreciative of it. She also believes, "Every blog on the Youth change's organization is like a teacher".

Every member of the Youth change organization believes that they are part of a very noble cause and are very grateful to every reader. We recently hit 100k blog views on our website. All the readers have shown immense love and support to our website since the beginning and helped us reach this milestone in such a short time. We are very thankful to Shreya Jha for compiling the experiences of the team. We are blessed to have each one of you, you are contributing to a great cause.

The Youth change organization is always open for everyone who wants to bring change in any way.

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