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The Secret

Often people ask me this question that how do you control your anger? How you are always happy and positive? So let me reveal this secret today. Anger is a certain level of unpleasantness for you and for others. And most of the time you suffer more than the victim. We become angry when someone is not doing the way we want or something is not happening the way we want or expected. Now how do I control my anger? First of all my emotions are under my control. Yes, I don't give this liberty to anyone to make me angry, happy, sad, etc. So, the next time when you are angry, just think about this that when you are angry you are suffering more than the victim. To control emotions there are some spiritual practices that I often do. Lie down, scan your body and ask, “Where am I holding tension?” “What needs to be released?” When you feel tightness or pain in an area, just imagine breathing into it deeply and on the exhale, intend to release the tension from your body. This is called body awareness. One more is that ask yourself throughout the day, “How am I feeling and why am I feeling this way?” Becoming better every day is one of the beauties of life. Lighten up yourselves. Comment below if body awareness and lighten-up practices are working for you.

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