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The Routine

The people around me often address the fact about how in love I am with spontaneity but I am a fan of routine. From the moment I wake up, to seeing the same things and rethinking the same thoughts that rings my mind with the glance. There is something eccentrically pleasing about following my routine. It provides the constant I need in my life, that I am incapable of finding anywhere else or in any situations. Often adjusting time seems challenging to me, let alone a new place, new seat, new phone, anything new. Being an extrovert, I have been told, "It must be easier for you to adjust" to what my mind screams "If only!" It is very likely of me to fit in comparatively faster or adjust to a new time slot of a class but deep down I seek within my self the sense of stability. It provides a reassurance that the world is ending but its okay, in the end you have me. The most fascinating thing is that the more new people enter my life, the more likely I am to inculcate them into my routine. It all might seem very natural but it's all planned. This routine as we call it has it's own perks and downfalls and then there is me who adores it as I have found the right balance. Coming of age vibes, teenage dreams and main character energy can't be attained if you get stuck in the same monotonous life, I need an organized chaos, I won't mind rearranging some schedule if that's what I desire and that is what I call 'the art of my routine'.

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