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The Regency era

"The period drama 'Bridgerton' that we adore and love to watch is actually set to be in the regency era. As much as we love the lavish balls, grandeur interiors of the chateaus and cottages and palaces, astonishing gowns and some competitive marriage market, the period only lasted for less than a decade i.e from 1811 to 1820 in mainly Britain. The rich and elite society often addressed as ton (originating from the French word 'le bon ton' that means good taste or manners) played a huge characterizing role in overall increasing the popularity of this period alongside its architecture. The most widespread form of art was painting, especially portraiture. The leading painter, Thomas Lawrence (1769 - 1830), ad his work revolve around figures and portraits. Works of Edmund Blair Leighton were also recognized. Major paintings by him included 'A wet Sunday morning', 'The Glance that enchants', 'Sweet Solitude' etc. The architecture for this period was found in Greek and Roman archaism, wherein the prominent designers and architects gathered inspiration from structural and ornamental elements. The traditions were taken very seriously and everyone invited to the guarded private gatherings was meant to follow the strict dress code. The best way to know more about this era would be to read Jane Austen's Novels that have a clear depiction of the tons, elite society, the politics, social traditions etc."

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