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The Problem is Us

Life is a tremendous possibility, isn't it? We live our life the way we want, and we have to live the way we want. But many times, it feels like someone else is controlling our life, our emotions. People around us sometimes do nasty things, which is why our mood gets off and the whole day ruins. If someone can control our emotions, that would be the worst form of slavery. We are letting outer forces control our happiness and misery through their actions. We are sometimes not feeling good because someone or something nasty happened to us. To solve this problem, we try to change the whole surrounding. We think that if the surrounding controls our emotions, we should try to change the surrounding. But, we are not admitting that the problem is not the outside, but the problem is inside. The problem is us. We do not have to change the outside world, but we have to change this piece of life. Because the way you feel comes from within. Next time, do not let anyone ruin your mood, and the reason behind your misery should not be the out forces. If you are having problems, don't change the surroundings but change this piece of life. Let your body and mind decide what should happen to you and not outer forces!

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