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The only temple that matters can be found within yourself

That which is not the material is spiritual. The body is just a piece of blood and that also accumulated from this planet. You accumulated food, air, water and it got converted into this physical body. That means whatever you think you are - your body is not you. But the real you is your spirit, your soul. The process of realizing this, the process of knowing the real you is spirituality. When you say spirituality, you are talking about a dimension beyond the physical. To journey from a boundary-based individual body to the boundless source of creation - this is the very basis of the spiritual process. In simple words, the ultimate goal of spirituality is to connect yourself to the very source of creation which we call the supreme power. It doesn't mean in spirituality you have to believe or worship any god. There is no need for that. Even an atheist can be spiritual. Because in spirituality you don't have to believe instead of that you have to work. You will get the answers from you only. Whatever kind of spiritual process you do, you are just working toward making yourself available to grace. You will have that awareness in your life that you never had before. One can know the very process of life. The human body is capable of downloading the entire cosmos.

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