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The Concept of Heaven

I have seen a lot of people these days who want to go to heaven. Simply because they have some problems in their life, they think that if they die today they will go to heaven and it will be easier to keep going in heaven. Then comes a category of people who are doing those things which will help them to go to heaven. And at last, these people come who want to go to heaven but don't want to die first. In my opinion, people who have made hell out of themselves want to go to heaven. Here on Earth, you work consistently, you are getting food to eat, pleasant water to drink, natural air to inhale, and most likely old buddies and family to spend time with. You are getting this many things which you need to live a well-balanced life on earth and you still think that there is a place better than Earth. I feel that there is no place like heaven. You can make any place heaven, isn't it? It's on you what and how you and your vibes are affecting the place. In this way, we should not make the primary objective of our life to go to heaven rather how about we work on ourselves and our surroundings will naturally get changed over into heaven.

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