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That Which is Everywhere

Today, let's keep all our religion, caste, color, creed and color aside for a moment and just think about that which is everywhere. That who gives you a hope to live, that who gives you the motivation to work, the courage to stand in front of everyone, that who is there when we are in our best and worst times. Yes, I am talking about that to whom we are probably never grateful, that which is everywhere for us but we often don't realize or even think about it. I am not talking about any god, parents, teachers, or vibes but I am talking about that energy that is everywhere to connect us to ourselves. Let's take a moment and think of an incident where everything was going wrong but suddenly something good happened out of nowhere, by no one but just one energy. Let's think about a moment when everything was going okay in your life and suddenly an idea dropped into your mind that literally changed everything in your life for the better. We all have experienced at least one incident in our life where we saw something good happening to us by no one and at that moment we feel some really positive energy. So today, let's take a 10 minutes of silence, and sit quietly and think of all those moments in which something great happened to you and let us thank this energy for making that possible.

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Sep 18, 2021

Very interesting concept👏


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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