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Source of Happiness

Finding happiness is challenging, and its source may be unique for each individual. However, there is a universally applicable path to happiness. A viable option is to learn to enjoy being alone. The question on your mind right now, presumably, is : "How do I learn to be happy by myself?" "It doesn't account for the times that I am unpleasant as a result of problems or mistakes that occur as part of my normal existence, let alone tragedies." Now is the time to pause and try a simple technique called meditation. You should pick a method of meditation that suits your needs and preferences. It's not hard to be joyful more often than you have been, but it is challenging to remain mindful of your newfound abilities and use them consistently. You can do it with meditation, I insist. There was no quick or easy way to get to where you are now; instead, it resulted from a lengthy and arduous journey that spanned many years. Spending even a few minutes a day meditating alone can help you keep things in perspective, allowing you to identify the good in any given scenario rather than dwelling on the bad.

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