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Skill of Crafting Thoughts

When you read anything, it is either a fact or an expression of someone. For example:- this blog that you’re reading right now involves my thoughts and emotions through words. I love writing because it is the easiest way to express your perspective in your way. Moreover, it is the best way to connect with people in no time. It always comes with another amazing art - reading, which I feel can be termed as the essence of the art of writing. You can’t have one without the other. The more you read, the more you can articulate your concepts effectively and deliver them to others. I feel double happiness and satisfaction nowadays because I have started poetically expressing my emotions. Believe me, whenever I write something, I feel very fresh and energetic. The art forms like music, dance, painting, playing instruments, etc need professional training to get expertise but the writing needs only pen and paper! It has broadened my knowledge and enriched language too at no cost. It is a mental exercise and meditation for me. The best side of this versatile art is that one can pursue this at any age, it will still give you all the benefits. Undoubtedly, one must start following this astute art if not included in the routine till now. It will add value to your life.

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