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Signs of spirituality

The broad definition of spirituality is having faith in something greater than oneself. It may involve religious practices that concentrate on the concept of a higher power, but it can also entail a broader conviction about one's interconnectedness with others and with the rest of the universe. There is no one route or set of beliefs that make up spirituality. The advantages of a spiritual encounter can be attained in a variety of ways. This may entail a particular religious practice or a belief in a higher power for certain people. Others may relate it to feeling a connection to a higher power or a sense of interconnectedness with other people and the natural world. Asking probing inquiries regarding issues like pain and what occurs after death, Strengthening relationships with others, Having empathy and compassion for others, Having a sense of connectivity, Emotions of amazement and awe, Pursuing pleasure independent of monetary goods or other incentives, Seeking direction and meaning, Want to improve the state of the globe etc be characterized as spirituality. Different people have different spiritual experiences and modes of expression. While some individuals may look for spiritual experiences in every element of their lives, others might be more inclined to sense them in particular situations or at particular places.

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