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Print Art with Woodblock

Nowadays, the printing of sheets, text, and images are done with the help of huge printing machine on a large scale but in China, this printing is done in a different and interesting way i.e woodblock printing. Woodblock printing is a technique of printing text, images, or patterns on paper or fabric. It is one of the oldest techniques known and practiced to date. It originated in China, later the Japanese adopted the technique and within a short period, it got spread and flourished into a fine way of artistic expression. Ukiyo-e is the best-known type of Japanese woodblock art print. In 1765, new technology made it possible to produce single-sheet prints in a whole range of colors. The first polychrome prints, or Nishiki-e, were calendars made on commission for a group of wealthy patrons in Edo. Jia Xie is a method for dyeing textiles using wood blocks invented in the 5th-6th centuries in China. An upper and lower block is made, with carved out compartments opening to the back, fitted with plugs. The cloth is usually folded a number of times and is inserted and clamped between the two blocks. And filling them with dyes of different colors, a multi-colored pattern can be printed over quite a large area of folded cloth. Everything now is mass printed and produced in modern and atomized ways still, the importance of this century-old and intensive tradition is alive.

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