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Pride and Beyond-2

Hope you guys all had a PRIDE month full of pride and love. We are back with another blog as we promised. So let's talk about different types of sexualities. There are Heterosexuals - the most acceptable in our society. Heterosexuals are those people who attract people of the opposite sex or gender. Then there are Homosexuals -Homosexuals are those people who attract people of same-sex or gender. Bisexuals are someone who attracts to both, Opposite gender or sex and same gender or sex. Then there's also 'Asexual - A person who does not sexually attracts to anyone. (They still want to be in a relationship or want to do romantic things.) There are also Omnisexuals - People who attract people who belong to more than one gender or sex. Then comes Pansexuals - A person who does not attract to any gender or sex but the personality. Sapiosexual (a person who attracts by people's intelligence.) Demisexual (a person will not attract sexually to another individual until or unless they have an emotional connection.) are two examples of pansexual. You don't have to rush for anything to know your sexuality. Be Calm. Give yourself time, as much as you need, Define Yourself, and Never Forget that You shouldn't be ashamed for who you are or get Ashamed for just being 'Yourself '. We The Youth Change Organisation did our best to celebrate and support the people belonging to the LGBTQIA community and hope we were able to touch some hearts and souls. Here's a link to our live session and another blog in case you missed it. Always spread love and be proud of who you are.

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