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Pride and Beyond

June is celebrated as the Pride Month of history in the world. So let's know about what Pride is. Pride is an acronym for Personal Rights in Defence and Education. Which includes LGBT or can say LGBTQIA Community, Where L stands for Lesbian, G stands for Gay, B stands for Bisexual, T stands for Transgender, I stands for Intersex, and last but not least A stands for Asexual. There may be only 4 genders, but when it comes to gender identities, there are in total 72 identities known, and this is not it. There is an uncountable initial in the world in the LGBT Community. Just like every country have their Flag, LGBT or LGBTQIA have their kind of flag which shows different colors. The original has 8 colors in the flag but mainly there are 6 straps of colors like Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. Each color have their own meaning like Red = (Life), Orange =(Healing), Yellow = (Sunlight), Green = (Nature), Blue =(Harmony), Violet = (Spirit). Our society teaches us that there is only 1 type of sexuality but there is uncountable sexuality according to personality, intelligence, emotional connection. Let's talk about different types of sexualities in the next blog.

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