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Poetry - rhythm for life

"Poetry is a quality of beauty, and intensity of emotions". Poetry shows us the different shades of human beings and encourages and teaches us how to live, as it helps us understand and appreciate the world around us. Poets use aesthetics and rhythms to form a proper understanding between them and their readers. Poets aren't just writers, they are performers, bringing all the emotion, rhythm, and emphasis in their words to life. Many studies have proved that poetry improves your literature and helps you with your physical and mental health. Poetry increases creative thinking and cognitive stimulation, reading poems before bed also promotes quality sleep. After connecting to poetry, people describe themselves as 'hopeful' and 'less stressful'. Poetry allows us to understand ideas and emotions in a far more meaningful way and makes us acknowledge the feelings held within us. No matter how hard your day is, reading a good poem can ease all your problems and take you to the world of imagination and love. Some lines for you to make you appreciate the "art of poetry" hope you like it.

"Above all the lives we live,

all the faces we wear,

all the mysteries we hide,

there is prime

where is no struggle,

no worries,

nothing matters;

where our soul resides."

If you liked this poem and want to get more acquainted with the art of poetry then follow inked_soul11 on Instagram.

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May 25, 2021



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