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Painting is my self expression

We as humans are conditioned to feel. The feeling is what makes us, us. People around us have different ways of expressing themselves, for some, it may be through venting their problems or talking to their friends, for some it might be taking their anger out on physical activity and it varies from person to person. Many people tend to choose art as an escape way to channel and let what they feel go away. From happiness to sadness, people prefer art. Art in general is a huge term and is a spectrum of so many things. Focusing on the painting aspect, many people tend to use art as therapy, as a way to recover from their trauma. Draw, and paint what you feel. It's hard, I have seen people scribble with a simple graphite pencil in the back of their notebooks to using oil paints on a huge 5"x5" canvas. We all have different preferences and forms of self-expression. Personally, when I know I feel something, I close my eyes and picture it in my brain, so many ideas and thoughts sifting through in a moment. Later on, I end up spending hours finalizing the colour schemes, grid patterns and inspo from Pinterest, magazines and my ideas. There I am with a blank canvas, my art supplies battling with the creative block. It takes time but I'm letting go of what I have bottled up inside of me, that's my time, my story and my art. Be it sketching, doodling or painting, I find my peace in there, it doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be me.

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