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Month of Love

February is a month of Friendship and Love. We dedicate various kinds of days this month to friendship and love. Whether for your partner who you love or for a friend with whom you have a platonic love relationship, we have all tried to make some days of this month "special" for someone. February is a month of remembering and emphasizing the importance of love in our lives, but it also brings some negative vibes with it! Or rather some people try to bring negative vibes with them into people's lives who are in love or are happy. Now, when I say love, it's not just your sexual partner or people you hang out with most. It's someone you care about and can be anyone or anything. Reaching out to family and friends who you lost contact with trying to foster a relationship with them, increasing self-awareness about our bodies and caring for them, giving extra love to animals, planting and nurturing more plants is what February is about! Thatswhy, February is called the month of Love, Friendship, and also "Peace" But that peace is ruined by some people with a nonsense mentality. Some people not only think that the celebration of this month is bogus but, they also have this uncontrollable urge to mock the people in love or who are happy. But, despite all this, this month brings a "special" aura with it and makes you fall in love, and encourages you to be kinder and more caring toward important people in your life and yourself. People talk, then they move on, but love, it stays! No matter what love makes its way, so let's celebrate it more and not be a person who takes the love out of "people in love". Love and Kindness are the way to a peaceful life.

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