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Just go for a walk

There are many spiritual practices and one of them is the meditation that we read about in one of the previous blogs. But did you know there is one spiritual practice called walking meditation? I know it sounds crazy but unique at the same time. So today let us know more about walking meditation. Walking every day for just 10 minutes in a good and healthy environment can boost your mind and body to the next level. Walking meditation turns an everyday action into a tool for mindfulness and stress reduction. Find a place where there is silence and which is covered with some trees. It is better to walk barefoot on the ground or on the grass. Walking barefoot helps us absorb negative ions from the earth, and due to the direct physical contact, it allows a vast supply of electrons from the surface of the earth also it will realize that you are just a small piece of this earth. It is highly recommended to walk alone while practicing walking meditation. While walking, tell your mind constantly that you are neither the body nor the mind but you are a soul. Try to leave all those materialism behind just for these 10 minutes every day. Don't be in a hurry, walk slowly and observe each of your steps if you are not able to tell you that you are the soul. Let all the negative energies leave your body and let positive energy enter. Observe every single leaf around you, the tree around you, focus on your breath, on your steps, and on you.

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