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Just breathe

Breathe means take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process. Now, this process is different for every living being. Aquatic animals draw in water with dissolved oxygen through the mouth and force it out through the gills. This is the simple meaning of breathe. But, today let us see another dimension of breath through a spiritual way. Yes, the way of breathing is very important in meditation. Not just in meditation but also in yoga. With certain poses, proper breathing is also important in yoga. Breath circulates blood in your body. In yogic science with a certain way of breathing, one can release some energies for their well-being. The one who meditates a lot(monks) breathing style is so unique and just because of this their heart rates reach 35. And just because of that they are able to sit in just one position without eating or drinking. This helps the one who meditates a lot. When you are sleeping your heart rate goes below 60. This is when you are not aware of yourself. But when you meditate you have that awareness and with certain techniques, your heart rate reaches below 35. Today, I am sharing a deep breathing exercise with you all which I personally use when I meditate. In this trick, you have to breathe in for 2 seconds and have to hold your breath for 6 seconds, and exhale for 3 seconds. It helps to control your anger and also if you are not able to sleep well at night, then you should try this. Slowly you have to increase the holding time.

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