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Is it Okay to Overthink?!

Overthinking is like being creative in short we can say that it is an art where our mind can go to any extent and think whatever it wants to even the smallest of things. Overthinking is not a “disease” but it is a symptom that can lead to serious problems like depression, anxiety, eating disorder, and the list goes on. Well if you want to stop overthinking what you can do is stop thinking about what others think of you and how they will react to what you do in life. Instead, keep yourself free from negativity and do something that is constructive that does not hamper your mental health and at the end of the day you are able to sleep peacefully. As they say “an idle mind is devil’s mind” and that’s a true thing. If suppose, you make a mistake it is ok to reflect back and make sure that you do not do that again, but thinking about what you did, what will happen now, feeling embarrassed, and thinking about it again and again, won't help you. It will rather increase your stress level which is not good. So whatever happens it should be done and duster also try to reflect and not overthink. You are the one who is in control about how you feel, you control your feelings and mind, not the other way around. It's not worth about staying in past as it hampers your present affecting your future. Other than that, you got this!

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