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How To Be A Spiritual Atheist?

Let me start this blog by letting you know that the below are purely my opinions and thoughts and also letting you know that this blog is divided into two parts. The blog is about Atheist Spirituality. The concept is new or doesn’t even exist but just came to my mind. So, let me start by giving you my insights about something called Computer Spirituality. Sounds different and weird, right? We already know a lot about computers and all but imagine a computer that has begun to get so complex and powerful that it starts to ask questions "outside the box." It starts to become conscious. The first thing it would realize is that for all its computing capacity, it is still very limited. The humans who use it, most of whom can't begin to understand its complicated algorithms, still are more powerful. They see the world more clearly. The computer could recite a million facts, perhaps, and yet not know what to use them for. It could describe human psychology, and yet not understand a smile. It wouldn't even know why it existed, or what it was being used for. If it came to understanding these limitations and actually wondering about the world outside its circuits, and desiring to see more, and to grow - that would be computer spirituality. Sounds different right? But how does this relate to Atheist Spirituality? Well, for that, you will have to wait for just seven days.

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