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Happiness Comes from Within

It is a feeling of satisfaction, elation, and joy, which wells up from within. You experience it when a problem has been solved, when a goal has been achieved, and when you feel good. There are people who fear that if they experience happiness, it will soon be taken from them. They consider it a temporary state and are afraid to experience it, lest they lose it. They want to avoid the pain that could follow when it wears off. These people believe that happiness is always followed by unhappiness. The source of happiness is within us. Happiness starts from within us. External events may cause it to manifest, but the true source of happiness comes from within. Happiness often seems to be the result of external factors, but in reality, it begins and comes to light from within us. There is inner happiness within everyone, but it is covered by layers of negative thoughts, fears, worries, and anxieties. Inner happiness is an inseparable part of our inner being, of our essence, but many times we allow various factors to hide it. However, a large number of people aren’t happy. Our negative thoughts, anxieties, and fears cover up this feeling of happiness and prevent us from experiencing it. We don't have to create this feeling. We just have to remove the layers of negative thoughts and feelings that hide them within us.

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