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Fractal Art

Hi, guys back at it with this week, as always I was exploring some new things on my way home, I observed something so common that we never noticed it our temples in the era of no precise instruments, screws, or iron were made so beautifully, this art is known as Fractal Art. Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still digital images, animations, and media. If we trace the artistic forms of things, made by man, to their origin, we find a direct imitation of nature (Lethaby, 1891, 2005 ). This does explain the common processes used for the creation of art. It should be noted that sometimes the aesthetic appeal of fractal-like patterns is also explained by the fact; that the nervous system is governed by fractal-like processes. Once you start observing any old temple you can see that the patterns are just a mix of geometric shapes and angles but it all adds up to be such wonderful art that till date nothing compares to it, these have an artistic as well as a spiritual connection to the temple as well as it's surroundings. The sculptures carved on it still are more than just art they tell stories through those shapes and angles and that my friends were the power of art in that era.

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