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Feedback: Another Way of Saying you Love me back

Now that Valentine's day is approaching I bet we all have something up our sleeves for our special ones. Well, I have something for you too. Wanna know what it is? Feedback. The same feedback we are asked to give while receiving our order from delivery guys, the driver, or anyone. The feedback that is never answered from our side and is most awaited by the person on other hand. Mere feedback that would barely take some minutes but is dismissed by us without thinking twice. Have you ever given a thought to what feedback means to them? You put all your efforts and preparing a gift for someone but in return, you couldn't even make them smile. How would that make you feel? Heartbroken? Or even worse? All I have got is hope and I must hang on to it for I have nowhere else to go. That's what they probably are thinking. I am aware that feedback might not always be good they could be bad too but it helps you grow and makes you realize what needs to be done to make it right. So this valentine's day let's give some feedback they desperately wish for, and I bet your heart would be delighted by the heart-melting smile that would spread across someone's face. Feedback: please say you love me back. I will be waiting.

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