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Experience Life

After seeing something, we have different thoughts in our minds. There are many ways of looking at something. There may be a difference between what you are seeing now and the way something is perceived by your friend. People see things differently from different perspectives. But it is very important how you see life and think about life. Now the thing is what we call as thought is coming from the limited data that we have gathered from the experience of our life. Every person is the same thing. How much ever we have gathered, it’s still too small compared to the size of this cosmos and the way the phenomena of life is happening. Today, if I am saying that you are living but again if we see it from a different perspective then I can also say that you are dying and one day the process will be finished. You are living but also dying every single day. Now when it comes to life, we must see life the way it is. To experience and to become life what you can do is, every day take at least 30 minutes from your day and start walking or maybe just sit in one place and be quiet. Look at the very process of life. Don’t judge, think or speak, just be there and look at things the way it is with your eyes open. It will help you to experience life the way it is.

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07 nov 2021

Yes it is important to experience

Mi piace

Pick some words and hear them talk.

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