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Escaping Yet Reliving Realities: Pixar

It is clear that attempts are being made to dispel prejudices perpetuated by long-forgotten stories in the Pixar films that have recently come out. From Encanto, which focused on generational disparities, through Turning Red, which openly discussed being pressured to control one's emotions, Pixar produced a number of movies in which the elder generation apologizes. If family members had witnessed this, it might have been an exhilarating trip, but we were forced to experience the truth because we were trying to escape reality by imagining false lives. Will the story have a happy ending? Most movies had happy endings, but their main purpose was to address the concerns, and when generational differences are taken into account, they can be put up with and understood, but they aren't fully agreeable because every generation may strive to ruin them. Although they can be accepted and understood, they are not always agreeable because every age may want to eliminate the distinctions. However, we will ultimately miss out, but that's okay because that's how families develop. I wish you the opportunity to view these films with family and have frank discussions about them because I am a sucker for animated family movies.

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