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Doodle your way out of your mind

The mind is the most complex part of our being, dealing with more than we can handle and capable of so much more than we can perceive. Anxiety, diagnosed or not, severe, dormant or else, has become an almost indispensable part of our lives and any outlet for stress is welcomed. Doodling can prove to be your easy escape. This art of absentminded scribbling has been the subject of many kinds of research and studies, as a result of which has been recommended by many sources as a way to process anxiety. It is believed that letting your hand aim seamlessly on a sheet of paper while engrossed in a task can result in better information retention, concentration, mood regulation, relaxation and even releasing an untapped creative stream. This seemingly unmindful art form has been connected to something deeper as it effortlessly taps into emotions brimming under the surface and has even proved to encourage catharsis, showing similar results to dream therapy. It helps you to not only discover and understand yourself better but also let out all that seems out of reach. The next time you realize a doodle amidst your notes, take a second to admire and appreciate it or pick up your pencil and let it free to let it do the rest.

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