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Cricket - A Pressure Buster

What if I say that cricket to me is what music is to many? A very rhetoric question indeed. Yes, it is so true that whenever I'm sad or not in a good mood, I watch cricket or at least crave to play it. A sad mood, when nothing is totally in it's right place, things not happening correctly, pressure-pressure, no worries, cricket solves it all for me. In order to be in a good environment I watch matches that range from as old as my grandfather's childhood to the days when my dad was in his primary section to today when I'm in a stressful situation, and it helps me everytime, magically. I totally forget what all is happening in my life and just focus on what shots can the batsman play on the next ball. The emotions range from encouraging the bowler when they're bowling good to shouting loudly when a wicket falls to dancing when my favourite player scores good to crying when I see my team falling. Cricket has been an integral part of my life and I wish it always should be because I cannot imagine a life which would be without the excitement of, "What's going to happen in today's match?" It also has taught me and given me a lot of qualities that are very important to succeed, from aggression to staying calm, from the competitive spirit required to win to identifying the fire within us, and the most important one that actions speak louder than words. It has taught me all. The involvement of cricket in my life reaches the sky-limit and I always thank my best pal who pats up my back when I'm not in a good mood, and makes things happen for me.

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