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Dear believers, we all have been in that place at least once in our life where we doubt our decisions, we blame our fate and if you are not an atheist, then probably you will blame God. There is a very thin line between spirituality and religion. People who believe that there is something more vital, more fundamental, a higher being in the universe are called spiritual, and those who believe in God are religious. But the thing that binds the entire mankind together is belief or faith. Without faith, the world is a dark and desolate place. During the industrial revolution in England, peoples' faith had waivered in religion and God, and the acceptance of scientific postulates made it even harder to survive. They needed something that could help them come out of their misery, and they found love. They started to believe and have faith in love. So you see, people need something to cling to, something that gives them relief from the daily hustle and bustle, something that revitalises them, so they start believing in an intangible thing. The only term I am sure most of you would be familiar with is Karma, what you sow is what you reap. We are the product of our actions, and we alone are responsible for its consequences. Nothing happens without a reason. We cannot determine our birth, but we can most definitely determine how we live our lives, only our work and our purpose determine our existence.

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